Hurry, It’s Almost Christmas!

It’s September, and what better way to be excited for Christmas than to count the remaining days before it arrives. Kids and adults alike do that. Some even buy gifts already. I remember before, we used to have plans already when September comes. Plans on how to generate income for our Christmas party, and all other merry makings for the holidays, as well as funds to be able to give what our manito or manita wants to get during Kris Kringle– or the practice of exchanging of gifts. Of course, it always makes us feel good if the gifts we give makes the receiver happy. One time, someone asked for a shaving brush stand, and got it in the very color and design that he dreamed of, that he was smiling from the date of the Christmas party in the office, until he came back from the New Year break. Isn’t that amazing?

Giving what can make another person happy surely makes you happier. I sure feel that way during the holidays..

Stay Safe and Dry

It had been raining since yesterday afternoon. The weather is not good. Our laundry is piling up, and it’s an endless battle between cravings and keeping healthy. Hahaha.. ¬†Seriously, this weather is good weather for bed weather, not to mentions, a feast for foodies and ¬†gluttons alike, oh, and the lazy seemly declares it a holiday.

But then again, kidding aside, some of our countrymen are already soaking wet as waters continue to rise up in other places. Clean up will be hell of a task after the flood waters subside.

My wish for everyone is safety and security amidst the typhoon, and LPA for some. Being safe counts most, and being dry helps a lot. Bring umbrellas even when you think it wont rain, because eventually, it will.