Soap Making: What a Relief..

Today I am stressed because next week we are going to submit grades and I have not even finished checking some papers. But then, I cannot allow stress to eat me so I decided to make soap. Soap making has been my refuge these past few months. It has given me a new window to creativity using the same tools, minus the temptation of indulgences and of course, minus the pounds to gain. Since I do not eat my product after slicing, I am in the better shape, hahaha.. Plus, the excitement of waiting for my soaps to cure gives me more initiative and ideas for my next batches. The best thing about this new hobby is that, we have been using organic soaps for months already. Organic soaps are far better than all the commercially produced soaps with harmful chemicals. Not to mention, our home made organic soaps are economical and saves me more than soaps bought from everywhere else.

Today’s batches consist of Cinnamon Oatmeal Soap and Turmeric Oatmeal Soap, both have Vanilla scent, and both have Sunflower oils. The former have Palm oil, while the latter don’t. Both have Canola oil, Pomace Olive oil and brown sugar for more lather. I have been studying recipes and looking into new ways to make soap. I am seeing myself opening my own organic soap shop one day.. Hmm.. I wonder what my shop is going to be called this time..