Oh Yes It’s March

Oh it’s March already. This is the month that I will turn a year older and wiser. I look forward to this turn of a new leaf in the chapter of my life. It’s not just looking forward to shopping at the  lowest price at the malls, but shopping for whatever is a lifetime deal in the store of life. Sounds kinda deep, hehehe.. Seriously, I am nearing the wise age so what do you expect? Although, with all the serious conundrums one can postulate, it’s easy to simply shrug your shoulders off and leave them be. I will take what life will give me, but I will not stop making life for me and my little me.

Anyway, school is about to end and summer vacation will soon start. I know how it will be for summer. It will be a busy fun spree. Life is so short to waste it, so I will enjoy it with my family. Lili will have fun too, that I will make sure of..