Business Thought

My cousin is looking for someone who sells aquarian drum heads. He had been looking for one since last year, but could not find anyone who does. And I am thinking, perhaps this business of selling music accessories may just be good. I know there are a lot of people looking for something to buy, and could not find them anywhere locally. I could go into that. But then again, the question of suppliers and capital comes to mind. hahaha.. I guess I’ll just have to stick to my small scale enterprise of food, goodies and simple services plus my regular teaching job. I’m still okay.


Plus, I still have my soaps to consider.

Peas and Lentils Please..

I found these babies at the local grocer while shopping for food items. I picked one of each to try them out. But until now, I haven’t done anything to them, hahahaha.. Crazy me.


We could have turned them into soup during those rainy days that passed, but we had a different recipe that did not include any of them, so they are still around. Perhaps tomorrow we’ll finally be cooking them.. Got to look for the recipe.