By Request..


The kids love Chocolate Sauce.. I drowned this Moist Cake with it.. They went gaga.. hahaha By the way, I made two kinds of Chocolate Cake today. One batter, half baked through the Turbo Broiler, and the remaining half steamed through our handy steamer.. Both came out wonderfully delicious.. but this moist one is better than the crunchier baked version..

Independent Communiting

We just arrived home. I asked Lili to commute from STAND to Ororama, and we’d meet halfway before going home so that she can learn how to commute on her own. After all, she is already 10, turning 11 this year. Apparently, it wasn’t the best feeling for me. Most of the time, as I waited for Lili at Ororama, I was anxious and worried she may not be able to come. I sent her text messages but since she was still having practice, I got no replies. I opted to fetch her when she didn’t arrive after two hours of waiting, and went to STAND, only to find out that she has already left for Ororama. I rushed back to be at our original meeting point, and she was there. At first I panicked, but then she stood and held my hand. whew.. What a relief..

Was her commute successful? Well, not exactly. Her classmate offered to drop her off, so she didn’t really commute. But it doesn’t really matter, there is always a next time. If there’s one thing about the experience is that, I am the one who feels not ready for my baby girl to commute by herself. I prayed for her safety like crazy, and told myself it will be unforgivable of something bad happens to her. But then again, to teach independence, I must endure these mixed feelings.. Next time, I might opt to trick her into commuting while I am actually behind her.. hehehe.. We’ll see.