Blue Coat on Chocolate

When we saw this on television, we looked where we can buy a packet. It’s NIPS Blue Coated Chocolate with varied fillings. There’s Peanut, plain Milk Chocolate, Rice Crispies and all others you can imagine. But we could not find any at the grocery. Then this very day, at a very small eatery somewhere in the city, we found this by their counter. Lo and behold, our treasure sought for months now, lol…

It’s a feeling similar to winning the lottery or that of finding a great deal here! It’s the moment of peace where every hero wins.. hahaha.. before we go any further, I just wanna say, the chocolates were good.. But then again, they may be too sweet when you have too many in your mouth..

Happiest 41

Thank you UNIVERSE for the many blessings showered on me. My 41st birthday proved that I am blessed beyond measure, and that I have all the treasures I need.. Thank you for the gift of life and the love of everyone around me..