Eating Healthy Again

Now that I know how to make my own yogurt, and with the personal blender I bought from Yangon, I am hoping to keep up with this healthy lifestyle that I am going back to. It is quiet difficult to come back after backsliding and cheating in my food habits and diet.. But I know I have to do this. I have gained all the pounds I have lost in 2013, and believe it or not, coming back is much more difficult than how I started back then..

Yogurt plus Dragon fruit is a good combination of power food, so this is what I have in my fridge and will be my power food for a few days, hahaha.. will buy other fruits when I go back to the market. Will also buy protein foods as it helps a lot in weight loss..

What’s important is that I now have the desire to go back.. Diet plus exercise will help, I know.. But I guess I have to double my efforts now..