Pass It On.

The kids didn’t have any music lessons this summer. Even if we wanted to enroll them to a Saxophone class, to learn another instrument, we decided not to, so they can concentrate on other things to learn. So no need to buy a new Saxophone, ligature and caps. Instead, we bought them new swimwear, and swimming accessories. We also had the kids learn more home chores that can be beneficial for their growth and independence.

I find it amusing that the kids themselves love the chores. No need to enroll them in baking classes or cooking classes. It’s all about passing on what we have learned from our parents and grandparents, to them.

School is Almost Here..



On Monday, school starts officially for all public schools. But for students in the private schools, it could be a week more or so.  A few more days and it will be school time for us at home. Kids will be very busy with school stuff and all others. Sleeping early and waking up early, that shall be the trend, hahaha.. That would be another adjustment for all of us. Sleeping late and waking up late during the summer will end soon.