Are You Spoiling Your Kids?

A lot of children in this age and time show signs that they have been spoiled in one way or another. With that, they show lack of respect, lack of stability and decision making, and may even grow up being irresponsible adults. Worse, they could become anti-social beings or worst, sociopaths, just like what I have read about in the news, where a 36 year old guy butchered and salted his parents, passing the chopped body off as food  wastes disposed in the garbage.

It has become an epidemic and  parents have difficulty dealing with them as they grow older. Here are some videos that are quite interesting, and educational. I think we can all learn from these videos.

We can always apply some of the good points in these videos to better our roles and approaches to parenthood.

The important thing is that we do something that does not have a negative impact on the child’s life..

The Effects of Not Planning

A lot of families in our country find it difficult to take care of the family now that prices of commodities are too high, and income is too low. To educate children is expensive too. How much more for a family with kids that is more than a dozen..

Who gets affected the most? The children.. That is why, before we can think of getting married or having children, we must make sure that we can afford to take care of all children, provide them food, shelter, clothing, education and a good foundation for their future. It is not enough that they are brought to this world. Parents have a responsibility, and that should never be forgotten when making decisions that will highly affect the child/children.