Losing Weight: Healthy, The New Sexy

It has been said that Healthy is the New Sexy. Skinny is out. Hahaha.. Well, in my program, I have understood why I became huge overtime, and how I am losing weight the proper way is the healthy way. I have been well informed and trained too. Truly, there had been a huge change in our family’s lifestyle, as much as the change in health. I feel we are better now that we are monitoring our calorie intake, as well as the nutritional content of each kind of food that we partake.


We have learned about the importance of protein in the system as well as exercise. It is noted that it is 80% proper nutrition and 20% exercise. I am happy with my result, after 8 months.. If anyone of you want to know how I did it, just comment or contact me through +639063332374.. I would gladly help..