Police Emergency Hotline

This was posted in our school bulletin board, and I took a snap to share here. I kn ow not all of you are under Police Precinct No 1 but said hotlines can actually give you numbers to call or text if you need assistance from a nearby station, where you are located.


So sharing this here may not be that incomplete after all.

Oh Guitar

I am planning to get a guitar. That had been a plan too long ago that I have not pursued. Well, many other things come up and I always forget about the guitar. Not until I saw a post earlier about guitars and all its accessories that I remembered, lol.

Why do I want a guitar? For one thing, it is handy. Second, I love music played from a guitar, especially acoustics. And of course, it is easier to take care of, and store. A simple guitar wall hanger and you are good to go. If you do not see how, click here.