If I Could, I Would..

Just feeling the seminar spirit ahead. While sorting out videos to use for tomorrow’s activity, here is one video that has made me shed so much tears for my Lili. When it comes to mother-daughter relationships, family matters and everything else in between, I always fall into tears. Sometimes I just can not contain myself when it comes to my dear Lili. Not that we live a miserable life– oh no no no no.. The thing is, I love her so much I just want everything in her life to be positively smooth and joyous.. I guess all responsible and loving parents agree..

Anyway, listen to the lyrics and tell me if this song by my idol, Barbra Streisand didn’t move you one bit—

Tomorrow, or should I say, later this morning, we shall have our 1st Parenting Seminar and Teenage Counselling Workshop. It is intended to help our Grade 9 students cope with the stresses and challenges of their teenage life, vis a vis their home life which may be filled with conflicts and other hindrances to a happy teenage life, both in school and at home.