Leaving on Mother’s Day

Mother’s day. The saddest day of my life. But today is also the beginning of something exciting for me and my daughter. I was supposed to report for work last May 7, but the school had problems meeting with paperwork that is why it is delayed. I have to be in school by Monday, but I still have to get my visa from the embassy in Thailand on Monday so I would be much delayed.

My family and I had a crazy celebration of Mother’s Day this year, and all entailed travels for both me and my mother. She had to cut short her activities in their Alumni homecoming to come home to see me before I leave, and me, leaving the country. So instead of going to posh dining places, we had to make sure I am not late for my flight. We ended up eating in this cozy beachfront eatery, with less people and ordinary diners not even dressed for the occasion. I guess most diners of the place just stop by to eat and go — mostly travelers. But even though it was the set up, it was still the best place to celebrate Mother’s day at..

Our last meal together before I left.. and of course, picture below before I flew..


No goodbyes, just, see you again soon Mi Familia.. and to my baby girl, see you in Facebook later.. Technology will always help bring families together, unlike before where it was really a problem..

Celebrating Failures

I was supposed to go get some funds for personal needs, but unfortunately, a problem occurred. Well, it’s not really a problem, rather, some adjustments in the loans and the documents that will boil down to literally nothing. Anyway, it’s not something I could die of, so it’s not necessarily a problem.


Still, it is a momentary failure. However, I am positive there is a better solution to it. To celebrate such failure, I bough some Bibingka, Puto and Apa from a vendor I happened to pass on the way home. To me, failure, just like any other blessings, should be celebrated and shared with friends. So my co workers enjoyed them when I came back..

Late in the afternoon, I found a solution that entails much positivism.