Happy New Year

This was my last photo where I was into a weight loss program. From 230.4 lbs, in this photo I was 176 lbs after months in the program.. I have blogged about it previously here.


This 2016, I have come to decide to push some more with the program, not only for myself but for my baby girl.. I was crazy to have stopped just when I was already on my way. I bounced back to being huge again, and was even afraid to weigh myself again.


A good sign is, I am feeling the necessity, as I do not want to die early due to poor health. I love my baby girl, I should stay healthy for her. So this New Year morning, because we woke up late already, I got myself tea and salad for breakfast, or lunch, I should say hahahaha.. I am also going back to my healthy meal program..


My choice amidst the Lechon and all other food from last night’s Media Noche.. I guess you can say that that is my New Year’s resolution??? hahahaha.. But seriously, it is beyond a resolution or a mere plan. It’s my only solution to have what’s best for 2016.. We all deserve the best, but we must exert effort too..

From our family to yours, cheers to good health and prosperity.. Happy New Year..2016 Thank u Thank u Thank u


I saw this video on Youtube, and this is truly alarming. The government should do something about curbing the growth of obesity problems in our country too. The food industry should properly be regulated and we should all move for a healthier solution, if not eradicate the cause.

I can only imagine how the kids of this generation would become, or how they will fair when health problems strike.. tsk tsk tsk.. But then again, we parents and family members, should be the one to make the first move by embracing what is truly better and choose healthy alternatives to what diets our family members are used to.