A Childhood Dream

There was a time in history when Burma, former name of Myanmar, had been open and known in the whole of Southeast Asia to be a land full of ¬†beautiful spots and good people, that tourists come to flock the country. It stopped when the country closed its doors. Well, they still are known for the scenic spots and wonderful people until now, and I am glad it has opened itself to the world again. History books point to all the pagodas that it has, thus being called “The Land of Golden Pagodas”, which later became as “The Land of a Thousand Pagodas”. The former was because of Burma’s crowning glory, The Shwe Dagon Pagoda.. All of the time Burma was talked about in class, I have dreamt of seeing the Shwe Dagon.. And years later..¬†

Coming to Myanmar was never planned, but opportunity knocked at a time of need. The Universe has granted my wish while giving me a solution to a problem.. for this I am eternally grateful.. Thank you UNIVERSE..

Myanmar has many other beautiful pagodas, and before I leave this beautiful country, I pray that I will see all of them, or most of them..

Wish Granted

Lili never asked for anything for her birthday that I couldn’t afford.. She only wanted a swimming get together with immediate family, and so she got her wish..

Thanks to our neighbor for helping with arranging the venue, which is always difficult to get as it is always easily reserved. 

After this get together, I got to chat with my girl and she told me she is very happy, and thanked me.. I am glad I made her happy even if I am not there.. I am blessed beyond measure for having her for a daughter.. I wish you all the happiness in this world bhabie ko..